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It was winter; six inches of snow covered the ground and the roads were slick despite the salt the city had poured on them. He drove carefully. He always did. There was too much to lose if he drove recklessly. These back road streets were dark this time of day- 6 a.m., but it was the only way to work. Rufioh had already dropped off Tavros at his baby-sitter’s house. Meenah Peixes. She wasn’t necessarily the most responsible, or necessarily the most kind, but she didn’t rag on Rufioh for having a child at this age, or for being low on cash. She’d always been there for him if he’d needed it. Willing to give him handouts or to watch Tavros for free if things weren’t adding up that month. And Tavros adored her. She played games with him and had an abundance of pets. She was one of the people Rufioh was most grateful for in life.

The single father kept his eyes focused on the road, music from the nearby radio station playing low. There were no streetlights on these stretches of road. Just miles and miles of pavement surrounded by dense forests and rocky hillsides. The mist was thick today, making it difficult to see very far ahead of him. These days, driving made him nervous. But everything outside around him seemed still.

He occupied himself on the long drive with thoughts. Thoughts of Tavros, only five years old. Meenah always made sure to have him at school on time. He gushed about friends- an Aradia, who had a taste for adventure and danger, who Tavros loved to play games with- a Gamzee, a bit of a goofy boy who spent much of his time painting and eating and not doing much else- an Equius, who was incredibly intelligent and strong, who shared Tavros’ affection for animals.
He began thinking of Damara, his ex, and unfortunately Tavros’ mother. He thought of how she’d been institutionalized. He stopped thinking of her.

He thought of his online school and how he’d been falling behind lately. Perhaps Tavros could spend the night at Meenah’s this weekend and he could catch up. He hated to spend so much time away from Tavros, though. He barely saw him as it was. He would have to figure something out later.

He thought of his dream to be a pilot in the Air Force and how that was a distant desire now. He didn’t have the time for training. He could never stand being deployed for six months to a year and having to spend so long away from Tavros. He could never ask Meenah to watch him for that long, even though he knows she would if he did.

He thought of Horuss. He hadn’t gotten to say goodnight to him last night. He’d fallen asleep at the computer. Rufioh smiled softly at the thought of Horuss. The love of his life and his long-distance boyfriend. They’d been together for over a year now. The distance was hard sometimes, but they were deeply in love. Rufioh could go to him in times of trouble. Horuss was sweet and smart. He always had advice to give. Rufioh thought of his dark blue eyes and his silky black hair and his bright smile. All the trinkets he enthusiastically showed him when they talked and the art Horuss sculpted. He thought of how lucky he was to have him. He thought of how Horuss was saving up money to come and visit and how much he looked forward to that.

A blaring horn.

Suddenly, a blaring horn cut through his mind. Bright lights burnt into his vision as the side of his car was smashed into.

A semi-truck going too quick on the icy road, obviously not from this area. A truck driver from this area would’ve known to drive slower. He was slammed into by the quick-moving weight of several tons of steal. His car flipped off the road, into a ditch beside it, filled with snow. The truck came after it. He felt a heavy weight, then nothing.

He thought of Tavros and Horuss.

Then, nothing.


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